Booking for the Viking Market


We are very happy that so many are interested in participating in the Viking Market in Saltvik this year. Since there is limited space in the viking village we want to remind you that you need to book and confirm your participation at the Viking Market.

Booking and confirmation of the booking is mandatory for all visiting vikings, merchants, craftsmen, hirds, fighters, artists etc.

The booking closes on 20th June 2016. Please note that the market might be fully booked before this date. Fibula will publish information about the booking situation on the Facebook page, in the Facebook-event for the Viking Market and here on the website if the market is fully booked before 20th June.

Fibula can not guarantee that non-booked visiting vikings have a place for their tents on the market area. Non-booked vikings will be placed outside the viking village.

Booking is done via e-mail to
Fibula’s booking master Erik will send you a reply with necessary documents with information that you need to fill in, information about fees, bank information, etc. The booking document has to be returned to the e-mail address above in order for the booking to be confirmed. Please remember also to book the ferry since the ferries can be fully booked. Remember also to include the booking code for the ferry. Return all necessary documents and information to Erik at the e-mail address above. The market fee has to be paid before the market starts.

Please note also that the amount of persons and tents that have been entered in the booking document can not be exceeded, due to the limited space for tents in the viking village.
The size of the tent in meters (length and width) and how many persons you make the booking for has to be clearly stated in the booking document when you return it to Erik at Fibula.

More information about practical arrangements will be sent to all booked and confirmed guests before the market.