Application to Saltvik Viking Market 2021

Saltvik Viking Market 30th-31st of July 2021

All merchants, craftspeople and visiting vikings  from Finland and Åland must fill in the application form to participate in Saltvik Viking Market!
Instructions for people from other countries down below!

Last day for registration to the market is 12th of July!

The application form you’ll find here.

Registration for the Viking Market is open with no restrictions for citizens from Åland and Finland.

If you come from another country, it is your own responsibility to find out entry rules, restrictions and quarantine rules for travel into Finland and Åland.

When you’ve found the information about entry rules etc., send a mail to: and our market chiefs will keep in touch with you.

Note that Fornföreningen Fibula does NOT take any responsibility if you are stopped at the border and forced to turn around.

We would like that all merchants, craftspeople and re-enactors arrive on Thursday the 29th of July at the latest.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

Ylva, Camilla & the Board of Fornföreningen Fibula.

Keep yourself updated about travel rules, restrictions and quarantine if you plan to attend the market!