Saltvik Viking Market 2021 – is a Go!

Hello Vikings around the world.

Thank you so much for your interest and registration for Saltvik Viking Market 2021, as well as your patience in waiting for answers in times like this. Right now, we are all still living in an uncertain time and we in Fornföreningen Fibula have been waiting to make a final decision regarding our market and how we should do this year.

On the 10th of June 2021, the board made the decision to arrange Saltvik Viking Market 2021 the 30th to 31st of July!
However, it will be smaller than normal due to the current circumstances.

Registration for the Viking Market is open with no restrictions for citizens from Åland and Finland.

The registration period for finnish citizens has been extended until 12/7 2021.

If you come from another country, it is your own responsibility to find out entry rules, restrictions and quarantine rules for travel into Finland and Åland. Links for proper information is down below in this post.
When you’ve found the information about entry rules etc., send a mail to: and our market chiefs will keep in touch with you.

Note that Fornföreningen Fibula does NOT take any responsibility if you are stopped at the border and forced to turn around.

We would like that all merchants, craftspeople and re-enactors arrive on Thursday the 29th of July at the latest.

We hope and look forward to a “regular” market with Vikings from all corners next year. Hold out Vikings!

Here are some links to the information about travel into Finland and Åland, remember that it can be changed quickly! We take NO responsibility for changes to restrictions and if the border guard does not let anyone in.…/guidelines-for-border-traffic-during……/covid-19-resor…/corona…/situation-update-on-coronavirus

If you have questions or concerns, send email to

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Fornföreningen Fibula rf.

The Viking Village closed til end of March!

The board of Fibula decided the 18th of March that the Viking village will be closed the rest of March.

This is due to the Covid-pandemic. The spread of Covid-19 has dropped the last weeks but Fibula is taking safety precautions seriously and decided that all activity in the village is closed the whole month of March.

We hope to open up the village in April instead!

Saltvik Viking Market 2021!

Come to Saltvik Viking Market 29th-31st of July!
We welcome merchants, craftsmen/women, reenactors, viking fighters and visitors to Fornföreningen Fibulas Viking Village for the traditional Saltvik Viking Market!

You’ll find link to Facebook-event here.

Application for merchants, craftsmen/women and visiting vikings you’ll find here.


Hope to see you in the summer!

Fornföreningen Fibula

Membership fee for 2021!

A new year means that the membership fee must be paid in! 😁
We welcome both active members and supporting members!
Account information:
IBAN: FI79 6601 0010 0830 46
Recipient: Fornföreningen Fibula r.f.
Membership prices:
Adult: 10€/person
Children under 12 years: 5€/person
Family: 20€ (applies to 2 adults and 2 children)
Write in the message box with the payment your name(s) and birthyear(s)
Feel free to fill in the form on the website(only in swedish)


Extended registration and last payment day

Because of the Covid-19 situation in the world, we have moved the last registration date to Saltvik Viking Market to the 14th of June and the last payment day to the 28th of June.
Link to the application form:

We understand that some want to wait to send in an application under the present circumstances and we hope that the situation changes so that the world and the market season can return to normal.

Take care of each other!❤️